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Our Dogs

All the dogs on the following pages have had an impact within their respective breeds in one way or another. Every dog within these pages has been, or is precious to us. Most of our dogs have had major success in the show ring, some excelled in the whelping box, and others as clowns that test our patience (yes that means you Wolf and Sydney) however every one has been, and are our loving pets and companions.

We invite you to peruse the following pages which depict the dogs we have owned and or bred, co-owned and exhibited.

Taejaan Whippets

Taejaan Siberians

Taejaan Salukis

Siberian Huskies, Whippets and Salukis co-owned or bred by Taejaan

Influential Siberians

Influential Whippets

Taejaan Grand Champions

Taejaan Foundation Salukis and Afghans

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We are proudly supported by and Groom In Laser Lites.

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Our dogs are raised and nourished by ADVANCE.

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